D2 coilovers

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D2 coilovers

Strike the perfect balance between performance and ride comfort with these aftermarket coilover kits. Bilstein has been in the aftermarket suspension game for a long time, and continues to offer a wide variety of coilover kits to suit your driving style. This PSS9 kit offers nine-way adjustable shocks which allow drivers to easily adjust their car's suspension firmness softer for their daily commute, or firmer for their weekend at the racetrack. Skunk2 has been building performance upgrades for Hondas and Acuras since the '90s, and has become a real go-to brand for builders of modded Civics, Integras, and Accords around the globe.

For being a go-to brand, they're still quite reasonably priced too! Koni has had a significant amount of involvement with the racing world over the years; however, most of their lineup is still soft enough to handle real-world driving without feeling too abusive. These height-adjustable coilovers can lower your ride height by just over 2 inches, depending on application.

These coilovers are their top-of-the-line offering that have way damping and a healthy amount of height adjustment as well. Arguably the best of the best in our coilover roundup.

d2 coilovers

The KW Variant 3 coilover set offers both height adjustment and infinitely variable compression and rebound adjustment of the shock absorbers to ensure you get the perfect setup for your driving style. Vogtland's sales pitch is all about balancing street and track-day use, and by all accounts their Gran Tourismo coilovers are a solid and budget-safe choice for your daily driver that takes the occasional flogging on the local track or autocross circuit.

Raceland is one of the better options out there when you really just want to stiffen up your ride and gain a little height adjustment on a very tight budget. Godspeed coilovers are a fairly stiff option, with their key selling point being adjustability on a budget.

This comes with way adjustable dampers, height adjustable bodies, and best of all, adjustable camber plates so your alignment doesn't go all out of whack after being lowered. Much like we saw in our recent roundup on performance mufflersMegan Racing is a solid bang-for-your-buck option when it comes to coilover suspension.

This street-biased kit has as much adjustability as our most expensive offering, yet it's the second-cheapest we've come across. Volkswagen Racingline specializes in performance-focused suspension and other upgrades for — you guessed it — Volkswagens. Rather than finding off-the-shelf shocks and springs and playing the game of "What works and what doesn't?

For the most part, Tein is more widely known in the Japanese tuning scene — however, their Super Street Coilover kit is also available for the Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, and Passat. The nice thing with Tein is you get similar levels of adjustability as you would from the Bilstein kit at a fraction of the cost.

Another fine option that will help you save a few bucks is this coilover kit from BC Racing. Not only are the shocks way adjustable for compression and rebound, but they also come with adjustable camber plates to ensure that you can keep your alignment in check after lowering your ride height. Again, not as common an option as some of the bigger name brands, but Ksport offers a number of different coilover kits to suit your favorite German sports sedan.

These Kontrol Pro coilovers have a wide range of adjustability to them and much like the BC Racing option, a camber adjustment is built into the upper mounts as well. Most performance enthusiasts will opt for variable damping coilovers whenever possible, but if you're more interested in adjustable ride height then this simple setup from FK could do the trick. Typically when a performance upgrade is priced so much lower than other options, we tend to raise an eyebrow, but based on feedback from Volkswagen enthusiasts, these are still a perfectly reasonable choice for modders on a budget.As it's name suggests, this Series from D2 Racing is particularly suited to drift use.

To ensure excellent traction, the springs and dampers have been specifically designed to maximise tyre contact with the road in extreme situations high speed, lateral acceleration, rough surfaces etc Camber is adjustable at the front and the dampers are inverted to reduce unsprung weight and increase strength McPherson strut type only. Using monotube dampers, D2 Racing coilovers offer a lowering range of up to 12cm depending on the model. Ride height and spring preload are adjusted independently, maintaining full damper stroke regardless of ride height.

Damping is adjustable via 36 positions, giving a soft or firm ride, whichever is required. They have a manufactures warranty of 1 year. To meet specific needs, it's possible to request custom spring rates. As official D2 France distributor, DriftShop retains a wide range of spare parts, making maintenance or repair quick and easy. Please contact us if you require anymore information! Rota D 18x8.

With more than possible coilover and big brake kits, today D2 Racing are one of the leaders in performance parts for vehicles both used on the road and on the track. Some options are available below Please check them before adding to the cart. Versatile suspension, for road use!

Ask a question about this product. Customer Reviews 5 customer reviews. Customer Reviews 5. Don't Forget Free returns when using PayPal. DriftShop uses cookies and collects personal information to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Thanks to cookies, we can accurately analyze our audience, and are able to offer products specially chosen for you. Learn more.We love to hear feedback from you.

Let us know what you think about how we can improve your shopping experience. We really appreciate it. Coil springs support the weight of the vehicle and allow the body to move up and down. Shocks control the springs oscillations. A coilover combines both functions in one component that also allows adjustments to tune the suspension. Although coilovers look like struts, and can be used to replace them on many applications, they should not be referred to as struts because coilovers can also replace shocks, which are not structural suspension members.

Factory coil springs, shocks, and struts are okay for cruising, but inadequate for spirited street driving and racing. If you want to lower your car for better appearance and less body roll, and fine tune spring preload and shock damping for better handling, coilovers are the answer.

There are different types of coilovers and adjustment features vary. Check out the kits on this page and punch in your year, make, and model to see what we have for your car. Search by Keyword Go. Select a Vehicle. Your message was submitted. Thank you for taking your time and giving us your feedback. D2 Coilovers - RS Series. D2 Coilovers - Circuit Series. D2 Coilovers - Drag Series.

D2 Coilovers - Rally Asphalt Series. D2 Coilovers - Drift Series. D2 Coilovers - GT Series.

d2 coilovers

D2 Coilovers - SL Series. TruHart Basic Coilovers. TruHart StreetPlus Coilovers. TruHart StreetMax Coilovers. TruHart Drag Coilovers.

D2 Drift Coilovers for BMW 3 Series E36 / M3 E36

Your Name:. Coilovers Coil springs support the weight of the vehicle and allow the body to move up and down.Recent Fi News D2 8 year old coilover review. The kit has seen some When installed, the kit wasnt protected, simple WD40 was used as a lubricant. The topmount uniballs were lubricated from time to time with WD40 or chain lube. The car has been driven in both summer and winter - 25C, and similarily stored outside for as long as one year without moving.

It even had a tree fall on top 4 years ago. All in all, the car and it's coilovers have seen pretty much, and have been used like we would guess most other coilover users use their kits as well.

The idea of the review came when we drove the S13 into the garage and started to think what to in the weekend. A few minutes later the car was sitting firmly on jack stands and the suspension was on the table.

D2 Racing Air Suspension Kits at D2RacingCoilovers.com

All the bolts came off easy thanks to a complete overhaul of the car 8 years ago. Control arms didnt need to be loosened and the struts came out without sweat. At this point it was clear that the parts them selves were mechanically in a good condition.

There is slight rust on the threads, and the springs paint flakes off, but these were aesthetic problems at best. Trying to open them on the table usually means stripping skin from your knuckles, so mounting the coilover on the workbench allowed us to use a longer lever to the C-wrenc.

All in all, it was easy to take apart as soon as we realised we need to really mount it properly and stop teasing our selves with a slippery coilover on the table. The length was the same, and by pressing against a simple scale in a press the rate has not been effected.

This is not the most scientific method, but is easy to do in any garage and readily available equipment. The springs dont look good, but the specs are what they should be. We soaked the springs in a product called evaporust which eats away rust. Phosphoric acid is cheaper, but acids need to be neutralized. If the shocks return very slowly, or dont return to the top at all, it means nitrogen has leaked out.

Similarily, if the shocks can't be pressed all the way down, it means oil has been leaking and the piston rod would hit the floating piston. Neither cases applied and the rate of return was about the same as a new one, so we can safely say the dampers have no leaks. A shock dyno would reveal if the oil viscosity has changed, but such an apparatus isnt available in any garage so that's why we tested in a less scientific way.

We replaced the dust seals since they had definitely seen their best days. The springs look awful, but after fitting the kit on the car it wont bother me at least.

The kit will go back on the car, and we will take a new look at it in when it turns 15 years. More recent topics. Wanna go back to a recent page?What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

d2 coilovers

New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. D2 Racing Coilovers Review. Thread starter moistener Start date Oct 23, I purchased a set of D2 Racing RS coilovers from procivic and had them installed. It's been about a couple weeks and I wanted to give a quick review on them so far. I went for a mild drop about an inch lower or 2 finger gap between the tire and fender as it'll be winter soon.

Keep in mind, what you see in the photos is the max height for the rear coilovers. I've had Tein's on my previous vehicle and like these, handling and stability is much improved. However, the ride quality has taken a bit of a hit.

Bumps and dips on the road are definitely noticeable and you'll definitely have to be careful driving on poorly paved roads. I'm currently playing around with the damper settings and to be honest, I haven't noticed much of a difference between the settings of 1 to 16 clicks from 'soft'. The way dampening system seems like it would offer a lot of adjustability but this may be more of a gimmick and any difference may be more psychological.

I would expect more expensive brands like Ohlins to have a more distinct feel between the damper settings. Time will tell on how they hold up. Rough roads sharp bumps, dips, and potholes can be pretty jarring even at the softest dampening settings and the mild drop that I currently have. In the end, I like how my vehicle sits and will update this thread on how these coilovers age.

Thanks for reading! In short, the coilovers were a bit too aggressive for me and the roads where I live don't take too kindly to this setup. You can check my post history on a more detailed reason why I made the switch. Last edited: Nov 12, I know you say the ride quality is a little low, and that is not fun, But DAMN your car looks good lol.

As far as the ride quality for bumps, etc. What we did here is tightened them until they were "snug" and then tightened them a bit more to add only about 2mm of additional compression or "pre-load". Of course, this needs to be done with the car jacked up so there is no weight on the particular coilover you're adjusting.

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I think you will still find that the springs on the D2 coilovers are a bit on the stiff side, but for that reason they do perform really well at the track.

The handling improvement is huge. Last edited: Oct 23, Your car looks amazing. I'm sorry for hijacking your thread, butJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Any shock absorbers can be disassembled completely to change the damping setting. Disassembling the shock absorber also offers a chance for inspection and service to the shock. The operator shall install this product correctly and properly. Before installation, please read the instructions carefully. After adjusting the height, make sure the spring holder has been tightened. If not, it could cause damage to the vehicle.

D is used as the retaining tab for brake lines or ABS wiring, you can take liberty to install the brake fluid line by changing the angle. F is the rounded rubber in the work bag. Please insert brake hose to rounded rubber and put the rounded rubber into the groove of washer. For some models, the rear shock is not a full coilover separate spring and shock and there are bushing on the top and bottom; in this case, you should adjust the 36 ways different dampening settings as the instruction. Shown as the picture.

The spring and the strut are separated on the rears of some certain vehicles. Please make an adjustment in ride height and length of strut by carrying out the following steps:. Language: English Nederlands. About Customer Service Contact. D2 Racing Sport Europe. Big Brake Kits. Air Suspension. Camber Kits. Coilover Technical manual. Introduction Removing and installation of relevant brake parts will require specialized technology, and installation of this product shall be performed by qualified professional technician D2 will take no liability for any accident, damage or death caused by improper installation of this product or using parts not supplied by our company, or retrofitting this product without our permission.

Do not install this product in vehicles other than those models specified in user's manual Please read the instructions before installation. Before installing this product please read the installation instructions very carefully.

D2 Racing Street Spec Coilovers Review, Ride Quality and Opinions (Toyota MR2 Coilovers)

Before installing this product, ensure all necessary components are available. Please ensure all D2 components on the shock body have been secured tightly. Components that shall be truly secured are: nuts, nuts on eye, upper holder, bracket holder, bolts with horn adjuster if suppliedand any other parts.Parts Categories.

Select Year Larger Image. View Pics 1. Pics 1. View Vids 1. Vids 1. View 3D 0. Application Information. All [All]. All [All Except Si]. Install Difficulty. Sold in sets of 4 coilovers. D2 Racing RS Full Coilovers offer top of the line quality and a full feature set at a price you would not expect for this level of coilover system. These coilovers are comparable in function and performance to coilovers that sell for twice their price!

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There is no coilover we could recommend buying that will give you more for your money than these D2 Racing RS coilovers.

All of D2 Racing's products are tested and proven by professional race teams throughout the world. Key Features: Full-length adjustment and height adjustment for separate setting of the height and spring pre-load. High performance mono-tube design. Special anti-friction anti-rust coated threading. Pillow-ball upper mounts with camber adjustment plate included on select applications. Most other applications include aluminum upper mounts without camber adjustment for the front.

When applicable, aluminum upper mounts for the rear coilovers are included. A few select applications include pillow-ball upper mounts without camber adjustment for the rear. Constructed from aluminum, with unique purple accents. Spring and damper rates engineered to work optimally together. Backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Ride Height Adjustment Notes: Normally, vehicle ride height is adjusted by reducing or increasing the pre-load on the coil spring. This method leads to inconsistent spring rates that are dependent upon the vehicle ride height.

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These coilovers allow you to adjust your vehicle's ride height independent of its spring pre-load. This method ensures that the spring rate is always consistent, no matter how high or low your car is. In addition, it ensures that the spring is always properly positioned onto the strut and effectively reduces miscellaneous and unnecessary noise.

Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts: These are included on select applications.

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First, they will tighten up your ride and give you quicker steering response. Second, they also have a built-in camber adjustment plate so you don't have to buy a separate camber kit.

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