Pakistan tomato

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Pakistan tomato

KARACHI: As people are already paying very high prices for Afghan and Iranian onions, they are now compelled to face another price hike as prices of tomato have been raised to Rs per kg while capsicum Shimla mirch and green chilli are now selling at Rs per kg. Last week, tomato was selling at Rs per kg while capsicum and green chilli were available at Rs per kg.

Traders said capsicum and green chilli were in short supply in the Superhighway vegetable market and expressed their annoyance when consumers demanded some green chilli for Rs10 or Rs However, confusion has gripped the market as to whether Indian tomato is arriving via Afghanistan or the red fruit is finding its way from Swat or Iran. Push-cart vegetable sellers said that they had purchased Indian-origin tomatoes loaded in plastic crates at Rs2, for kg weight which were coming from Afghanistan.

They said locally produced tomatoes usually arrived in wooden boxes of kg but this imported tomato was arriving in plastic crates.

pakistan tomato

Disagreeing with market traders, president of Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market New Sabzi Mandi Superhighway Haji Shahjehan said that some tomato quantity was actually finding its way into the market from Swat while some vehicles carrying Iranian tomato had also started to arrive. The wholesale price of tomato has shot up to Rs per kg from Rs per kg last week. Before selling it at Rs per kg, many traders were demanding Rs per kg depending on the areas.

He attributed tomato crisis to end of Balochistan crop while the Sindh crop would arrive by next month. Imports are being made to overcome market demand. People are already consuming substandard quality of Iranian and Afghan onion at costlier rates as soaring imports have failed to provide any relief to consumers. Many feel that these imported onions are not fully ripe and lack taste. Some onion variety of Sindh crop has also started to arrive in lower volumes.

The price of both imported and local onions hovers between Rs per kg. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Traders had jacked up the onion price ahead of Ashura Sept 10 to Rs80 from Rs60 per kg. Published in Dawn, October 16th, Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 16 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Uzay Yazdani. Oct 16, am. The onions are imports. The Afghans and Iranians want to stay ahead of inflation. Recommend 0. This is happening because these essential things are exported outside country by some cunning traders as they get more money compared to local markets here.

Now government should immediately put export restriction for minimum one month to curb the price hike. Else common man will suffer price hike. India should not find any relief ,all Indian imports should be banned.

Tomato prices in Karachi to drop from Saturday

Allow farmers to earn. Then think how farmer will survive in old income for his produce. If you want to decrease price then all prices needs to come down else all have same increase. Here problem is government level expenditure who is spending beyond earning. Oct 16, pm. This article seems to be about luxury items. Onions, tomatoes, chilli, green peppers Run Veer.Pakistan will not import tomatoes from India though its price has shot up to Rs per kg in parts of the country, Minister for Food Security Sikandar Hayat Bosan has said, amidst a chill in bilateral ties.

Pakistan is currently facing a shortage of tomatoes in the domestic market. While imports from India fill the gap each year, the move to bar containers from entering the country from across the border have created a huge demand- supply gap, the Express Tribune reported. Bosan told reporters here yesterday that the tomato and onion crisis in Pakistan will be over within a few days after their crops ripen in Balochistan.

He made it clear that the government will not import vegetables from India. The price of tomato has soared to Rs per kg in parts of Lahore and elsewhere in Punjab province, Dawn newspaper reported. This is in stark contrast to the price of Rs per kg in the recent past.

The government had also fixed the price for tomatoes between Rs per kg, media reports said. The Indo-Pak ties took a nosedive after the January Pathankot terror attack and the Uri incident in September in the same year.

pakistan tomato

India blamed terrorists based in Pakistan for these terror attacks. India has told Islamabad that only when Pakistan- sponsored cross-border terrorism ends New Delhi would be ready for talks it. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines. Home Pakistan Pakistan decides not to import Indian tomatoes though prices touch Rs per kg Pakistan decides not to import Indian tomatoes though prices touch Rs per kg The price of tomato has soared to Rs per kg in parts of Lahore and elsewhere in Punjab province, Dawn newspaper reported.

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Tomato belongs to solanaceae family.

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It is one of the very popular vegetables in Pakistan. It is widely used in salad as well as for culinary purposes. The popularity of tomato and its products continue to rise as it contains significant amount of vitamin A and C. Trends, area, production and yield There has been a progressive increase in area and production of tomato in Pakistan.

Inthe area increased to The data since are as follows.

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The average shares of the provinces in the over all area and production of tomato, based on the data ofare given in the following table. Due to varying climatic conditions, there is a wide range of sowing time of tomato in Pakistan. There are three main crops that are as under.

For early crop, nursery is sown in July-August, transplanted in the field in August-September and the harvesting of the crop starts in November. Seed is sown in raised beds prepared with a growing media of farm yard manure, soil and sand with the ratio of and covered with thin polyethylene sheet. The seeds will germinate in days. Transplanting The seedlings should be harvested to withstand the out-door conditions with as little shock as possible.

The hardening may be accomplished by lessening water supply. The process may require 7 to 10 days. The seedlings are transplanted on the both sides of 1. The plants are irrigated just after transplanting. Irrigation with an interval of days is recommended. The irrigation interval can be decreased from days when weather is too hot. Irrigation water should be given with care so that beds should not be submerged into water.

In tomato crop, high yield can be obtained only if well balanced fertilizers and manure are supplied to the plants in time. Well rotten farm yard manure should be applied at the rate of tons per hectare, at the time of land preparation for maintaining proper physical conditions and fertility status of the soil. General recommendation for chemical fertilizers is 75 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg of phosphorus and 60 kg of potassium.

Half amount of all fertilizers and full amount of farm yard manure are incorporated into the soil at time of land preparation. Remaining half amount of fertilizers is split into two doses and applied as side dressing to the plants one month after transplanting and after first picking of fruit. The stage of ripeness at which the tomatoes are harvested depends upon the purpose for which they are grown. For canning and processing, the fruit is harvested when it is fully ripened on the vines.

For local markets, it is harvested in the hard ripe and pink stages. For the distant markets, the fruit is picked in the mature green or turning pink stage. For the home use, tomato may be left on the plants until they are fully colored. Tomatoes can be kept for storage for only a short period of days. Fruits picked at semi-ripe stage and placed in well ventilated store with low humidity and at 1. It is caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporium f.

pakistan tomato

It is characterized by a yellowing and drying of the leaves progressively from the base upward, and by discoloration of the vascular tissue.We deliver data Online, by email and by CD in Excel. Please contact us on below mentioned phone nos for a free sample market research report on Export Data Exports from India.

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pakistan tomato

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Search Now. Recent Searches: No Recent Searches. Complete Training Video : Click Here. Shipment Data Chart. Of late Indian exporters of Tomato have been aggressively marketing themselves in the foreign markets. They have received good response from several countries and so are upbeat about their prospects. India exported Tomato worth USDPakistan is one of the largest buyers of Tomato from India, accounting for exports worth USDNashik Janori ICD accounts for Skip Navigation Links.

Country of Destination. Pakistan Port of Origin. Unit Quantity. Aug 4 Sep 40 Oct Which service s are you interested in?Pakistan will be importing tomatoes from Iran to manage the shortage in Karachi. Tomato prices shot up to Rs per kilo in Karachi after a shortage developed due to excess rain in Sindh destroying a majority of the tomato fields.

The issue became a hot topic as consumers were horrified by the exorbitant prices. The government has now granted seven companies in Quetta permits to import 4, tons of tomatoes from Iran for three to four weeks.

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Traders, however, say that because these tomatoes come via the Afghanistan route, they still cost them Rs per kilogramme. If tomatoes come directly from the Iran-Pakistan Taftan border, their prices would be reduced to half, he added. The government had allowed the trade of tomatoes during a meeting of importers with top officials of the Ministry of National Food Security, Ministry of Commerce and other authorities on November The problem will only be solved by growing new fields in other parts of the country.

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Things will get better from next month after the produce enters the next round of market, he said. Shahnawaz Ali.

Sohail Khan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Entertainment Environment Food Geopolitics. Global Government Health Human Rights.

Living Local Opinion Politics. Technology Transport Travel Work. Toggle navigation. Photo: Online. The Fruit and Vegetable Association confirmed that the permits have been issued. Iranian tomatoes will begin entering the market from today and prices are expected to drop.

Pakistan’s Vegetables

Iran Karachi tomatoes. Karachi robbers arrested for the sixth time. Indoor games gain popularity during Karachi lockdown. Two terrorists carrying Rs10m head money arrested in Karachi. Tell us what you think: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

All Rights Reserved.P akistan has a tomato problem. Shortage of tomatoes has meant that it is being sold in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi for as high as Rs per kg. Wait, what? So many questions, so few tomatoes. Riveting indeed. And this is his connect with the ground reality of inflation. Anything is possible. Waqt aa gaya hai ki tamatar ka jawaab, atom bomb se diya jay.

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Usually, imports of tomatoes from India fill the supply shortage till domestic harvests come in. Tomato, which was a kitchen staple, has now become a luxury.

Tomato-less Pakistanis are now thinking of every possible alternative. Sounds better than eating locust biryani. The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is nailainayat. Views are personal. ThePrint is now on Telegram. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. IK best way to fill the states coffers is selling tomatoes n other vegetables.

Consult Finance advisor. RS 17 is needed but not plus for tomato in pakistan! Save my details. Saturday, 18 April, Representational image Vishwanathan Bloomberg File Photo. Pakistan busy exporting terror while India fights Covid globally: Army chief Naravane. Four sexy Pakistani men entertaining us in lockdown. India-Pakistan candle vigils at Wagah have now moved to Instagram in coronavirus lockdown.

Tomato price hits Rs 400 per kilo mark in Pakistan

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!The answer — not at all. But what they forgot is that Pakistan had already banned the import of tomatoes and potatoes, along with other vegetables, from India.

The import of the product was banned for three years because of the diseases they carry. Inwhen the ban had already been imposed in Pakistan, then federal minister for food security Sikandar Hayat Bosan had announced that Pakistan would be using the locally produced vegetables despite the crisis.

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He made it clear that the government would not import vegetables from India. But there was another reason for the ban on the import of vegetables from India. Ties between the two countries took a bitter turn after the January Pathankot attack and the Uri incident in September the same year. India blamed terrorists based in Pakistan for these attacks. A recent shortage of tomatoes has led to an increase in their price from Rs to Rs per kg in Pakistan.

A supervisor at SabziPhal. He said the supply usually starts from Mirpurkhas and Badin in March while the crop growth starts decreasing in Thatta and Lasbela. He added that the prices are likely to decrease when supply from upper Sindh and Larkana increases. He said that the rate lists will be revised and tomatoes will then be purchased at Rs50 to Rs60 per kg.

Khalid Azim Chaudhry. It was UAE and Kuwait who banned fruits and vegetable export from kerela in july Which was also lifted later in august. Get your facts straight and stop posting nonsense. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Entertainment Environment Food Geopolitics. Global Government Health Human Rights. Living Local Opinion Politics.

Technology Transport Travel Work. Toggle navigation. Fact-check: Leopard attacking dog video is from India, not Pakistan. Free kashmir. PS I a sarcastic some time. You are dependent country under debt. Tell us what you think: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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